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"We know that all things work together for good to them that love them that are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

My home is in Tennessee. My hobbies include walking, writing poetry, chat, ice-skating, hiking. I was saved by my Lord and Saviour, Jesus since I was 16 and I can't imagine how I could ever have gotten this far without Him. He has blessed me with His presence and love through all circumstances. After graduating high school I went to work in Boston as a secretary at the First National Bank of Boston in 1973 for International Banking. Some of my employment has included- secretary to a Senior Vice President in a bank, a food broker, real estate broker, three or four law firms, etc., a telephone operator, a manager of a women's figure salon for a while, and after moving to Tennessee in l992, I went into waiting tables, then became a therapeutic foster parent for a couple of years, recently worked for the Census Bureau on three different assignments. I've swam both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, parasailed, snorkeled, built my own home, chicken coop, barn. I've had horses, chickens, peacocks, sheep, kids (foster), cats, dogs, fish and fleas (not in that order). I have three sisters on my mother's side - three brothers and one sister on my father's side. All are from remarriages of parents with the exception of one brother, Paul. He was adopted. I have never met him. Katie, Rachel, Julie, Darlene, Aldo, & Lee are the rest. They are all very smart and KEWL! Angela & Tony and Gertrude and George were my grandparents who have passed on but are remembered daily for their love. Of course cousins, nieces, nephews and in-laws are too many to mention here. I have some very special friends that have been influential in a big way in my life: Elaine S., Carol V., Irene S., Neil C., George B., Bill F., all but one in MA, and Bob S. who is more than a friend and brought me the gospel of Jesus Christ. The saints I worship with at B.C. are a joy to know. My friends who are there for me now include Brother David and Stevie, Rhonda B., Gina P. and STILL> Irene, Elaine, Carol!! I want to add everyone's picture online soon. More interesting page coming if I ever figure out some cybermoves.

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In this time in your life
Look, see with acute, aware eyes
What the devil will try to disguise,
He quells your fears and worries 
on the leaves of a plant,
And your mind will slowly begin to recant.
He embraces you with the nectar of ambrose
In a falsely induced state of repose.
Your mind slowly loses its thought
Your senses blur and swirl in a blot
And evil entities come to steal your will 
They enter your thoughts in the shape of a pill.
Sometimes liquid, sometimes smoke,
Your feelings are becoming more and more remote.
Then one day you wake up and kind of can tell
That the feelings you ran from then
Would now serve you well.

You can't even feel laughter, sadness or joy on your own
You're blank and a corpse unless you get stoned.
You serve the chemical - you're under a spell.
The Liar trapped you in his drug-dependent hell.
Your Creator is still willing to bring you back
and ransom your mind from the cobwebs of crack.
There's a war waged in the heavens for your eternal soul
Your mind is the door through which it must go.
The only way to regain your life is to lose IT 
and let those feelings return.
Your life is a lesson you have to learn.
Your mind is designed for feelings, ideas prayers and love.
Engineered and exquisitely passioned by your Maker above.
It can't be improved by upsetting its chemistry....
The way it is - is the way it's meant to be. 
So be mad, sad, glad, afraid, brave, content.....
But however you feel.....Be real, be real, be real.  

      By Eileen